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Variables in Python 3 – Part 1: Numbers

Introduction Imagine you’re programming a video game. You have a cute little monster character on the screen who can run left or right. Inside your program, you keep track of where the character is standing, using a number. Smaller numbers are more to the left, larger numbers are more to the right: How will your … Continue reading Variables in Python 3 – Part 1: Numbers →

Numbers in Python

Computer programs work with many different kinds of data, such as text, numbers, dates, pictures, movies, and music. Numbers are perhaps the most important, because your computer understands everything in terms of numbers. You see pictures and movies, but underneath the hood, they’re just numbers to your computer. Learning Goals In this post, we will learn how to … Continue reading Numbers in Python →

How to Run Python Programs on a Mac

Hello, World! This tutorial will teach you to write and run your first Python program on a Mac. To start, we need to get some things straight. Programs are recipes you write to make your computer do things. These recipes are written in a programming language, which is a language close enough to human for you to write, … Continue reading How to Run Python Programs on a Mac →