How to Make A Jeroo [Python]

How to make a Jeroo , Python Style

Jeroo is a desktop program that teaches kids to hand code (the same goal that we have here at Penjee). And one of the first things that you will want to figure out is – how to actually make a Jeroo (ie construct or instantiate it)

Example 1

Make a Jeroo in position (1,3) facing West and with 11 flowers

How to make  Jeroo  in Python
How to make Jeroo in Python

Example 2

Make a jeroo at Position, 1,2 facing East with 3 flowers


Example 3

Make a jeroo at Position 0,0, facing South and with 5 flowers



There are many different ways to instantiate a Jeroo. You can use the default constructor, for instance

Jeroo Default Constructor

As you can see from the screenshot below, the default location of a Jeroo is (0,0), its direction is East,, and it has zero flowers.




To see all the different constructor types, you can use the language summary



In case you were wondering, where the screenshot above comes from, just click on the “Help > Language summary ” button as shown below





Just then, click on