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What is DeMorgan’s Law in Programming? [ Answered with pics]

Demorgan’s Law is something that any student of programming eventually needs to deal with. Just tell me the “formula”, ok : [crayon-5da5477e853a1808023401-i/] is equivalent to [crayon-5da5477e853aa251225861-i/] [crayon-5da5477e853ae282578971-i/] is equivalent to [crayon-5da5477e853b2902434537-i/] Demorgan’s Law via Animation and Code 2 animations of Penjee Python code demonstrating DeMorgan’s law The goal of the map below is to write a while loop until … ...

Cisco Binary Number Game [ It’s Back and here and free!]

Many teachers have recently asked : What happened to the Cisco Binary numbers game? Many computer science teachers have used Cisco’s popular game to help reinforce their binary numbers lessons.  Cisco has removed the game! We here at Penjee have created our own version of the Cisco Binary Number Game here! It’s free., requires no loginning in … Continue reading Cisco Binary Number Game [ It’s Back and here and free!] →

Alice 2 Proximity functions

One of the hardest concepts for younger programmers to learn is what returning a value means, a concept which Alice represents by its notion of ‘functions’.  And, in Alice, a great approach is to require students to move an object based on the distance  and to use a function to return the value of that distance … Continue reading Alice 2 Proximity functions →