Introducing Teacher Classrooms

Teacher Classrooms – A way to monitor progress and leave feedback for students

Part I. How to Create a Penjee Classroom and Invite Students

In Part II, we show you how you can collaborate with your students.


Part II



Some things to keep in mind


  1. You must make sure that you sign up as a teacher! Otherwise, you won’t have the ability to create classrooms. There are many other perks to being a teacher including a whole set of PowerPoints and worksheets that we give you.
  2.  Once you’ve done that, you can create new “classrooms” or “sections” by clicking on the green “Add new classroom” button
  3. From there you can invite students via email (We’re working on a non-email version so that you can manage a classroom of kids who have no emails)


How you add new students to your Penjee classroom ends up mattering a lot!

You have one of two options.

Option #1) Create a completely new account.

Your students do not need an email address.





Option #2)  Invite students who already have an existing account to your classroom



Now, you can use a powerful tool, student collaboration–which allows teachers to enter into student accounts and leave feedback/tips etc inside the student’s code editor.



We have setup a temporary teacher demo account and you can use the email : teacherdemo at penjee dot com  with password “demo”

Here’s a look at at our demo classroom



Special thanks to Grant Smith who has always taken the time to give us feedback.   Much of the current dashboard, as well as some upcoming enhancements  stem from his suggestions and feedback.

Now, you can also begin  collaborating   with students.  You can can now enter into any of your student’s code editors and work with their code — either debug it, add comments or even fix small errors in their code if want.