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Variable Types in Python

Table of Contents for this Page Common Variable types Python’s built in [crayon-662420e1bf4bc931599130-i/] function Naming Conventions for Variables (snake vs camel case) Python supports the basic types of variables that  you would expect from a general purpose language. These are listed below. Number floating point  integer String (more here) Boolean List (more on lists here) Dictionary Tuple Example … Continue reading Variable Types in Python →

Python Substrings- Multiple Letters

In our prior lesson on Python strings , we indicate looked at how to create a string and how to reference individual characters in string. Now, we’ll look at how to excerpt multiple characters from a string.  If you want to Python to talk about multiple letters, Python needs to know where to begin and where … Continue reading Python Substrings- Multiple Letters →

Strings in Python . Beginner’s Guide and Sample Code

Most programming languages have certain types of variables including boolean variables (true or false), numeric variables (integers and/or decimal points). One of the other common types of variables are strings. A string  begins and ends with a quotation mark.  A string in is just  stuff inside quotes. The sample code below creates 3 different string variables  ([crayon-662420e1bfec4445109543-i/] , [crayon-662420e1bfecb193402503-i/] , and [crayon-662420e1bfecf258116466-i/] ) …...