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Fibonacci Sequence Code and Animation Explained

The Fibonacci Sequence is one of the classic recursive algorithms that you learn in computer science. Mathematically, the fibonacci sequence looks like this f(x) = f(x-1) + f(x-2)  and base values of either f0 =0 and f1=1 The Java Code Download the Java Code [crayon-66242b1633e85083235368/] The Python Code Download the Python Code [crayon-66242b1633e8e583803994/] Fibonnacci Recursion … Continue reading Fibonacci Sequence Code and Animation Explained →

Jeroo While Loops #2

#2 A Create the map below with a flower in 0,0 Jeroo to its right (0,1) using while loop(s) traverse around the border of the island at the end pick the flower you can only use hop() (ie you can’t hop more than 1 space)   #2 B Create the map below Jeroo to its … Continue reading Jeroo While Loops #2 →