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Teaching Debugging in Penjee

Introduction   Debugging is like tasting a dish while working on it. A chef may check the level of salt or test to see the temperature of a roast. Debugging is like this, in that it lets you inspect the program as it is running and enables you to check variables or see errors as … Continue reading Teaching Debugging in Penjee →

Scratch 2.0 in 4 easy steps (animated gif)

  4 Steps in an animated Gif: Animated Gif showing how to create and run a simple Scratch program.   Step 1) Go the  Scratch home page/editor Step 2) Drag the block code from the left side and into the editor on the right.   Step 3) Make sure that you have some kind of … Continue reading Scratch 2.0 in 4 easy steps (animated gif) →

What is Block Based Coding?

Block Based Coding is the de facto way to introduce kids to programming. Instead of text based programming, block based coding involves dragging “blocks” of instructions. By far, the most popular block based app is Scratch. As you can see in the pic below, you drag blocks of instructions on the left into the editor on the … Continue reading What is Block Based Coding? →