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Alice 2 Proximity functions

One of the hardest concepts for younger programmers to learn is what returning a value means, a concept which Alice represents by its notion of ‘functions’.  And, in Alice, a great approach is to require students to move an object based on the distance  and to use a function to return the value of that distance … Continue reading Alice 2 Proximity functions →

Teaching Debugging in Penjee

Introduction   Debugging is like tasting a dish while working on it. A chef may check the level of salt or test to see the temperature of a roast. Debugging is like this, in that it lets you inspect the program as it is running and enables you to check variables or see errors as … Continue reading Teaching Debugging in Penjee →

Scratch 2.0 in 4 easy steps (animated gif)

  4 Steps in an animated Gif: Animated Gif showing how to create and run a simple Scratch program.   Step 1) Go the  Scratch home page/editor Step 2) Drag the block code from the left side and into the editor on the right.   Step 3) Make sure that you have some kind of … Continue reading Scratch 2.0 in 4 easy steps (animated gif) →