User Facing Manual Tester

We recently launched a stable version of, which we think is the best way for kids to learn python.  If you used penjee yet, you know that our site is very UI intensive, and as we continue to add new features, we want a tester to go through the site’s exercises to ensure that the current functionality/usability is not in any way broken.

The site requires users to go through a series of ‘challenges’ and to write to code Python in order to move on from one challenge to the next.

We are looking for someone to be able to work through the site’s exercises from start to end (takes about 20/30 minutes at the moment but we are adding more and more challenges each month so it will take longer soon), every time that we push out changes to our testing server. This happens approximately 3 times a month. And each time, we need someone to test out whether or not the new features have broken any of the old ones.

Our ideal candidate will
1) “get” the site
2) has some experience with user facing testing
3) can report bugs clearly to our team
4) can test out the site within 2-3 days of being notified that a new version of the site has been upload to our testing server
5) Speak and communicate in English perfectly