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What is a Logic Error ?

A logic error always does the following It allows the program to run (or at least to start). It leads to unexpected results . The program might seem to work fine 99% of the time, but during that other 1% of the time, something weird occurs. Example of a Logic Error in Penjee: As you can see from the above animation, we … Continue reading What is a Logic Error ? →

Penjee Teacher tip : impersonate your students

One of the features of new teacher dashboard is the ability of teachers to impersonate a student account–which simply means that a teacher can “enter into” any account and leave comments/suggestions inside an individual student’s code editor (you can use this if a student is stumped and you want to give a hint) Step1 ) Go … Continue reading Penjee Teacher tip : impersonate your students →

Introducing Teacher Classrooms

At Penjee, you can now create your own classrooms to watch your students’ progress and even impersonate them ! Some things to keep in mind   You must make sure that you sign up as a teacher! Otherwise, you won’t have the ability to create classrooms. There are many other perks to being a teacher including a … Continue reading Introducing Teacher Classrooms →