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2 Player Button Presser Game – Microbit Project

Overview: Create a 2 player game.  Give the players 5 seconds to press button_a/button_b.  After the 5 seconds are over state who the winner or is if there’s a tie. One player will press button A and the other button B. Provide instructions and a count down and then give the players 5 seconds to … Continue reading 2 Player Button Presser Game – Microbit Project →

How to Create Custom Image

The Python Microbit reference shows how to make a custom boat image, which you can see pictured at the bottom. Here is the code: [crayon-669a064ecf6b7067101112/]  

Strings in Python . Beginner’s Guide and Sample Code

Most programming languages have certain types of variables including boolean variables (true or false), numeric variables (integers and/or decimal points). One of the other common types of variables are strings. A string  begins and ends with a quotation mark.  A string in is just  stuff inside quotes. The sample code below creates 3 different string variables  ([crayon-669a064ecfc1b873994003-i/] , [crayon-669a064ecfc21550047004-i/] , and [crayon-669a064ecfc24527112955-i/] ) …...