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What is DeMorgan’s Law in Programming? [ Answered with pics]

Demorgan’s Law is something that any student of programming eventually needs to deal with. Just tell me the “formula”, ok : [crayon-5cba555fec569957621164-i/] is equivalent to [crayon-5cba555fec575926213542-i/] [crayon-5cba555fec57a899641973-i/] is equivalent to [crayon-5cba555fec57e033126656-i/] Demorgan’s Law via Animation and Code 2 animations of Penjee Python code demonstrating DeMorgan’s law The goal of the map below is to write a while loop until … ...

What’s an elif in Python? [Answered with vids and gifs]

In short,  an “elif”  means “else  if”.. If you’ve used other programming languages, you’re probalby used to writing [crayon-5cba555ff0bc6384331389-i/]  or [crayon-5cba555ff0bd0037268393-i/] , but python contracts that to the single word [crayon-5cba555ff0bd4731312347-i/]  .   The video below, from our middle school cu rriculum for teaching kids python, explains how to use an elif     If  you’re not a video … Continue read...

Teaching Debugging in Penjee

Introduction   Debugging is like tasting a dish while working on it. A chef may check the level of salt or test to see the temperature of a roast. Debugging is like this, in that it lets you inspect the program as it is running and enables you to check variables or see errors as … Continue reading Teaching Debugging in Penjee →