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Letter Z Loop (Jeroo Python)

Jeroo Loop Assignment The goal of this assignment is to use a loop to have your Jeroo spell out the letter “Z”. We have adapted this Jeroo assignment for Penjee’s app, read more here. You should start your Jeroo at (0,0) and  with exactly 70 flowers like this picture: Your assignment is to spell the letter … Continue reading Letter Z Loop (Jeroo Python) →

Setting Up Python 3 on Windows 7

Getting a development environment up and running can often be a tedious task and even the best developers loathe setting up a new machine. But don’t worry, we will take things easy at first and have you ready to start coding in no time! Learning Goals From this Post This guide will walk you through … Continue reading Setting Up Python 3 on Windows 7 →

What Do Programming Languages Do?

 What Do Programming Languages Do? Programs are recipes that make your computer do things. Under the hood, computers are controlled by machine instructions. These are direct commands which tell the computer how to arrange switches and gates in the processor, memory and other parts.     In the beginning, all computers were programmed in machine instructions. It was … Continue reading What Do Programming Languages Do? →