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How to Make A Jeroo [Python]

How to make a Jeroo , Python Style Jeroo is a desktop program that teaches kids to hand code (the same goal that we have here at Penjee). And one of the first things that you will want to figure out is – how to actually make a Jeroo (ie construct or instantiate it) Example … Continue reading How to Make A Jeroo [Python] →

Jeroo – Assignments And Lessons

What is Jeroo? Jeroo Lessons Jeroo Custom Methods  How to write a while loop While loop vs if test Jeroo Assignments I. Basic Commands Spell a Letter II. Custom Methods Custom method assignment III. Loop Assignments While Loops #1 While Loops #2 These assignments , which are mirrored in our Penjee assignments, ask kids to … Continue reading Jeroo – Assignments And Lessons →