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Computer Science Documentaries

Documentaries about Computer Science   I) Open Source and Linux (Netflix ) Revolution OS  (imbd link)- A good documentary on the founding of the Linux operating system and the open source movement in general including a look at GNU ‘s roots and Richard Stallman‘s “Open source movement”. Available on Netflix, or to buy at Amazon II) Tech Founders Mark … Continue reading Computer Science Documentaries →

Benefits of Learning to Program

“What are the benefits of learning to Program?” -a question that is answered more and more frequently as computers and technology become more and more a part of all of our lives and more and more of us are learning to program . The practical Answer: It’ll help you get a job! For the last … Continue reading Benefits of Learning to Program →

What is the purpose of Penjee?

There is a growing recognition in the US and, from what I’ve read,  in world in general that learning how to program is a fundamental skill. Even if you do not  aspire to be a professional programmer, becoming  familiar with programming concepts is an increasingly valuable part of your resume and a useful skill for more and more jobs. … Continue reading What is the purpose of Penjee? →