What is the purpose of Penjee?

There is a growing recognition in the US and, from what I’ve read,  in world in general that learning how to program is a fundamental skill. Even if you do not  aspire to be a professional programmer, becoming  familiar with programming concepts is an increasingly valuable part of your resume and a useful skill for more and more jobs.

In particular, here is the US , sites like code.org have been drawing attention to the deficiency of computer science education in our country.

So, what is a good way to learn how to program? We have decided that there is not any one really good way, currently, introduce new students to program. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there’s nothing valuable and nothing good. Places like CodeAcademy are awesome – compared to what was around 10 years ago. However, we do not believe that there is currently any tool that does the best job possible and making it easy to learn programming– so we came up with Penjee!

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