How Penjee Grades Students

Students sometimes ask , how does Penjee know whether or not I actually used a loop . Well, you might be a bit surprised by how we know whether or not you follow our directions.

Consider our assignment that asks you to start Pam, our penguin, in the top left corner and then write a single loop to the water , then to get the last fish.

Here’ s an animation of what the final penjee python program should do :

Students are ingenious and some have tried some clever ways to make this assignmetn easier. For instance, some have tried to start the penguin out on top of the fish and then just to write pam.grab()  –this doesn’t work 🙂 Others have tried to write


So, what does our website look for

  • that Pam starts at (0, 0) –ie the top left
  • that you use a maximum of 12 lines of code

What does this mean? It means that the only way you can complete this is by using a loop 🙂