IB Computer Science IA Ideas

The IB computer Science Internal Assessment is a large, long term undertaking.  One of your first tasks is to come up with your project idea!

The breakdown of the IA components is as follows

IB IA Components Breakdwon
IB IA Components


Here’s a list of IA  ideas that you could potentially pursue.

  • Any database driven website that performs a non trivial task

    • a calendar website for managing something for your school, some organization, your library
      • For instance, you could create an app to help your school administration schedule teacher duties, to schedule when exams will run, when teachers can sign up for the computer lab.
  • A Game

    • Your goal with the IA is to solve a problem; one way to do that is by making learning fun. So you can make a ‘fun game to help students learn. ..”
    • If you know Python consider using Pygame. We have a series of Pygame tutorials (with code) here.
  • An Organizer

    • anything that helps someone organize an event  is a possibility here.  For instance, maybe you can help your school coaches organize player stats and team meets. Does your coach need something to keep track of his or her player’s statistics? Or of when meets are going to be and where? Then create an application for that
  • A Visualizer/Demonstration

    • Similar to the game idea. You could help teach a concept by creating a visualization (Consider using Java or Pygame) .

We also have a general list of programming projects that you can use to help. (