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Famous number computing errors

  Everything a computer does happens with numbers. A character in the alphabet is represented by a number in the computer memory, colors are numbers and even any decimal number has its specific representation in memory. Those numbers which are used by a computer are binary numbers [See: Why do computers use binary numbers?], and … Continue reading Famous number computing errors →

Demonstration of Floating Point Error and Code [Java]

It’s one thing to read about what  floating point errors are and about famous computer errors, but it’s another thing to watch a demonstration of how floating point error can occur and to look at the code underneath the hood.         This For more demonstrations like this, check out our top 5 … Continue reading Demonstration of Floating Point Error and Code [Java] →

What are floating point errors? [Answered]

Computers are not always as accurate as we think. They do very well at what they are told to do and can do it very fast. But in many cases, a small inaccuracy can have dramatic consequences. A very well-known problem is floating point errors. Floating point numbers have limitations on how accurately a number … Continue reading What are floating point errors? [Answered] →