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What’s an elif in Python? [Answered with vids and gifs]

In short,  an “elif”  means “else  if”.. If you’ve used other programming languages, you’re probalby used to writing [crayon-5d319ba887a63925917689-i/]  or [crayon-5d319ba887a6e786623379-i/] , but python contracts that to the single word [crayon-5d319ba887a72420146383-i/]  .   The video below, from our middle school cu rriculum for teaching kids python, explains how to use an elif     If  you’re not a video … Continue read...

What is Computational Thinking ?

A phrase that you hear a lot in the CS education community is “computational thinking.” Let’s explore what computational thinking is and what it isn’t. The term was first used by Seymour Papert, a well-known figure in CS Ed history as the maker of the Logo programming language. One question that you hear a lot … Continue reading What is Computational Thinking ? →

How Penjee Grades Students

Students sometimes ask , how does Penjee know whether or not I actually used a loop . Well, you might be a bit surprised by how we know whether or not you follow our directions. Consider our assignment that asks you to start Pam, our penguin, in the top left corner and then write a single … Continue reading How Penjee Grades Students →