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What is Pseudo Code ?

Pseucode is a way to express what your code should do, without using a particular language’s syntax. In our assignment,  To the water, for instance, pictured below: We provide the students with the following Pseudocode [crayon-651d3a6f0967d577904213/] As you can see, there is no Python syntax included in that snippet. Instead, we are expressing what the code … Continue reading What is Pseudo Code ? →

How to animate an image II- Wrap around screen

One of the problems with our prior pygame animation is that once the red square goes to far to the left, we don’t do anything. It just seems to be gone forever ! What we want to write is the python code that says, “Hey if the image goes all the way to left, off of … Continue reading How to animate an image II- Wrap around screen →

How to negate two things

A lot of students, when they’re first learning to program,  are surprised when they’re code doesn’t do what they want.  We are going to explore why that is .   Newby programmer trying to write “hey as long as these two things are false”…do some stuff hmm… how do we write that. It might actually … Continue reading How to negate two things →