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How to Use a Variable and Function in Alice 2

One of the ways that Alice teaches student about returning a value can be seen in how methods, variables and functions work. Methods cannot be dragged into variable values   This is because , in Alice, a method is an action and does not return a value. Functions can be dragged into variable values   Since functions return a … Continue reading How to Use a Variable and Function in Alice 2 →

What’s an elif in Python? [Answered with vids and gifs]

In short,  an “elif”  means “else  if”.. If you’ve used other programming languages, you’re probalby used to writing [crayon-64760b10d994d733584302-i/]  or [crayon-64760b10d9955983261248-i/] , but python contracts that to the single word [crayon-64760b10d9958255865947-i/]  .   The video below, from our middle school cu rriculum for teaching kids python, explains how to use an elif     If  you’re not a video … Continue read...

What is Computational Thinking ?

A phrase that you hear a lot in the CS education community is “computational thinking.” Let’s explore what computational thinking is and what it isn’t. The term was first used by Seymour Papert, a well-known figure in CS Ed history as the maker of the Logo programming language. One question that you hear a lot … Continue reading What is Computational Thinking ? →