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String Loop AP CS A Practice Multiple Choose Question

Below is an AP styled multiple choice question involving involving a while loop over a string and the indexOf() method. What is the result of the call to the method [crayon-6699feb6db0fd812825871-i/] [crayon-6699feb6db106403726843-i/]  Error returns 1 infinite loop returns 3 returns 2   [crayon-6699feb6db109206876707/]   Scroll down  for answer.   The answer is [crayon-6699feb6db10c528350180-i/]  Error returns 1 infinite … Continue reading String Loop AP CS A Practice ...

How to Tell the Difference between a Row and Column

Whether you are using Microsoft Excel , working with a computer programming language like Python or just a kid trying to find a seat in a classroom, the difference between rows and columns is very important! And, here at Penjee, we have found that kids in middle  and even lower school are able to understand the difference between rows … Continue reading How to Tell the Difference between a Row and Column →

Teaching Debugging in Penjee

Introduction   Debugging is like tasting a dish while working on it. A chef may check the level of salt or test to see the temperature of a roast. Debugging is like this, in that it lets you inspect the program as it is running and enables you to check variables or see errors as … Continue reading Teaching Debugging in Penjee →