How to Tell the Difference between a Row and Column

whats row whats column

Whether you are using Microsoft Excel , working with a computer programming language like Python or just a kid trying to find a seat in a classroom, the difference between rows and columns is very important!

And, here at Penjee, we have found that kids in middle  and even lower school are able to understand the difference between rows and columns. Some of the kids who are confused  at first, can soon learn to distinguish rows and columns by looking at some pictures and some diagrams that we will share with you.

Row, Row, Row your boat

Row Row Row your Boat

Can’t row with a column

Can't Row with a Column


First off, for you Microsoft excel users:

An Example from Microsoft Excel

rows and columns in Excel diagram


Examples from Penjee


Since rows go “left right”, there are two rows in the picture below.


Columns, on the other hand, are based on height so, you in the diagram below, there are two columns

example of columns