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Jeroo While Loop Assignments #3 [Python]

In the previous assignments, we worked on writing some basic loops. Now, let’s work on writing loops and then executing commands. Loop Assignment 3 A Add two flowers to the prior assignment’s map. After the loop is over, add some commands to move to the 2 flowers and pick() both of them. Loop Assignment 3 B In … Continue reading Jeroo While Loop Assignments #3 [Python] →

Best First Programming Language to learn

Was your new year’s resolution for 2015 to learn to code? If so, this article is for you , as we look at the best first programming language to learn   There are thousands of programming languages in the world. Hundreds of them are used professionally, and dozens of them have popular followings and huge, active … Continue reading Best First Programming Language to learn →

Setting Up Python 3 on Windows 7

Getting a development environment up and running can often be a tedious task and even the best developers loathe setting up a new machine. But don’t worry, we will take things easy at first and have you ready to start coding in no time! Learning Goals From this Post This guide will walk you through … Continue reading Setting Up Python 3 on Windows 7 →