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What is Jeroo?

Jeroo is a great, desktop program for teaching kids to hand code. Though it does have some bugs, it has a lot going for it. The basic idea for Jeroo is that you have a “Jeroo”, a Kangaroo like creature, and you hop around an island. You can download Jeroo at    

Variables in Python 3 – Part 1: Numbers

Introduction Imagine you’re programming a video game. You have a cute little monster character on the screen who can run left or right. Inside your program, you keep track of where the character is standing, using a number. Smaller numbers are more to the left, larger numbers are more to the right: How will your … Continue reading Variables in Python 3 – Part 1: Numbers →

Functions: Tiny Reusable Programs

Introduction In the last post, we used functions to do things for us. We used the print function to write things to the terminal, the int function to turn decimal numbers into integers (ie 5.6 was turned in to 5), and the abs function to remove the negative parts of a number (ie -3 was turned into 3). So, what is a function? A function … Continue reading Functions: Tiny Reusable Programs →