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Functions: Tiny Reusable Programs

Introduction In the last post, we used functions to do things for us. We used the print function to write things to the terminal, the int function to turn decimal numbers into integers (ie 5.6 was turned in to 5), and the abs function to remove the negative parts of a number (ie -3 was turned into 3). So, what is a function? A function … Continue reading Functions: Tiny Reusable Programs →

Numbers in Python

Computer programs work with many different kinds of data, such as text, numbers, dates, pictures, movies, and music. Numbers are perhaps the most important, because your computer understands everything in terms of numbers. You see pictures and movies, but underneath the hood, they’re just numbers to your computer. Learning Goals In this post, we will learn how to … Continue reading Numbers in Python →

Jeroo While Loop Assignments #3 [Python]

In the previous assignments, we worked on writing some basic loops. Now, let’s work on writing loops and then executing commands. Loop Assignment 3 A Add two flowers to the prior assignment’s map. After the loop is over, add some commands to move to the 2 flowers and pick() both of them. Loop Assignment 3 B In … Continue reading Jeroo While Loop Assignments #3 [Python] →