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Jeroo Spell Letter Assingment [Python]

I. Copy and paste this code  below in the Jeroo “IDE”. Run the code several times until you understand what is going on, then try experimenting with the code, changing it around until you are comfortable with the basic methods of a Jeroo II. Objective: Have a Jeroo spell out the lettter “Z ” in the … Continue reading Jeroo Spell Letter Assingment [Python] →

Example of a Penjee Challenge

One of the main goals of Penjee is to make learning to program fun for kids,  The main way that we do this is by making each ‘assignment’ a challenge. Here’s a walk through of one of the first challenges a student must attempt. We call this one “Grab() 4 fish And Avoid Water”. Each … Continue reading Example of a Penjee Challenge →