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RandomLetterChoose AP A-thoughts and analysis

One of the 2016 AP Computer Science A questions, [crayon-5d5a209cbe512685696501-i/] ,  asked students to write a class declaration from scratch. The constructor receives a parameter of non-null Strings The class has a [crayon-5d5a209cbe51b640259341-i/]  method that returns a random [crayon-5d5a209cbe520418114609-i/] from that list . Each element in the list can only be returned once, and after all of the elements … Continue reading RandomLetterChoose AP A-thoughts and analysis &rarr...

Mouse Clicked on Image in Pygame

So, now that our image can animate and wrap around the screen, let’s try to click on it! First, though we should just take moment to learn about how the mouse itself works in pygame. The important new lines which are now part of our game loop is to constantly look to see if the mouse click … Continue reading Mouse Clicked on Image in Pygame →

Pygame Tutorials

One of the best ways for kids to learn python is to find project that you , personally, want to make. What is better than making games? S   Installing Pygame Super simple pygame window   How to add image to Pygame surface   How to animate Pygame object How to animate an image II (wrapping)   Mouse … Continue reading Pygame Tutorials →