Back to school announcements

As the new school year is starting up,  we have pushed out a large new curriculum update to Penjee. The first few units have several new videos and about 20 new assignments. The new lessons focus on debugging syntax and logic errors, white space, pseudo code , and much more.

In case you missed it, we now also have a teacher dashboard, that allows you to organize students into classes, and even to leave feedback inside the code editor of your students.

Plus, a long requested feature: Student accounts no longer need to have an email address. As a teacher, you can create student accounts with just a name and password that you hand out to your students.

Lastly, if you’re a teacher , we’ve added a few new worksheets and power points to the free PowerPoint/worksheet set that you can download here.  (You must be logged in to access that link)

We are also very excited for the upcoming release of Penjee 2.0– this will feature a ground-up rewrite of the entire penjee engine. We’ve been testing it, and you will notice a major improvement in site speed, plus students will now be able to get a visual scorecard that explains, visually, why particular assignment did not complete: