Example of a Penjee Challenge

One of the main goals of Penjee is to make learning to program fun for kids,  The main way that we do this is by making each ‘assignment’ a challenge. Here’s a walk through of one of the first challenges a student must attempt. We call this one “Grab() 4 fish And Avoid Water”.

Each challenge has a goal. In this assignment, you are asked to :

To grab() all 4 fish. However, this time, you must navigate around the water!

This challenge builds off the prior one which simply asked the student to grab() 1 fish (sans water) and not to worry about moving around the water.

Example of a Map

SO, what does the solution look like? Well, a partial solution would start something like:

Ultimately, the student must write hand code to navigate the map as shown in the picture blow,  in order to collect all 4 fish.


Penjee Solution


Every challenge has clear goals. In this case, we want to make sure that students know:

  • that water is perilous.
  • that the turn( ) method which can take either a left or a right parameter.