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Pygame Tutorials

One of the best ways for kids to learn python is to find project that you , personally, want to make. What is better than making games? S   Installing Pygame Super simple pygame window   How to add image to Pygame surface   How to animate Pygame object How to animate an image II (wrapping)   Mouse … Continue reading Pygame Tutorials →

Pygame Add Image to Surface

So, you know how to make a simply pygame window, and now you want to do something a bit more interesting, aye? How do you  add an image to your pygame surface ? In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you exactly that. So that your finished product will look like is the following picture :     … Continue reading Pygame Add Image to Surface →

Computer Programming Gifs–all of em’

  Well, this isn’t all of our gifs, but it’s a smattering of them from each topic. You can always check out our top 5 programming gifs if you want a shorter version. 1) Pass by Value vs reference More on value vs reference   2)   Recursion Gifs Full article of Fibonacci with Java/Python code   … Continue reading Computer Programming Gifs–all of em’ →