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Back to school announcements

As the new school year is starting up,  we have pushed out a large new curriculum update to Penjee. The first few units have several new videos and about 20 new assignments. The new lessons focus on debugging syntax and logic errors, white space, pseudo code , and much more. In case you missed it, we now also have … Continue reading Back to school announcements →

What is a Logic Error ?

A logic error always does the following It allows the program to run (or at least to start). It leads to unexpected results . The program might seem to work fine 99% of the time, but during that other 1% of the time, something weird occurs. Example of a Logic Error in Penjee: As you can see from the above animation, we … Continue reading What is a Logic Error ? →

Penjee Teacher tip : Collaborate with students

One of the features of new teacher dashboard is the ability of teachers to  directly collaborate with a student account–which simply means that a teacher can “enter into” any account and leave comments/suggestions inside an individual student’s code editor (you can use this if a student is stumped and you want to give a hint) Step1 ) Go … Continue reading Penjee Teacher tip : Collaborate with students →