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Reload Page

We  are trying  to track  down  a particularly difficult bug that , intermittently,  prevents   users from completing  an  assignment. In short, your code  might be  correct ,  but  the assignment  does not trigger as correct. We  are working on tracking this down, but until we patch this bug, there is   one way to … Continue reading Reload Page →

Scaffolding Built into Penjee’s Core App

Not all students get everything at the same time and at the same pace–common sense right? Well, we built our website with that in mind.       With Penjee, students have multiple opportunities to achieve a learning goal . We call this — adaptive assignments. So, what the heck is an “adaptive assignment”? Well, it’s an … Continue reading Scaffolding Built into Penjee’s Core App →

Why Learn to Code?

  When most people think of computer programming, images like this commonly come to mind:   Seemingly matrix-like, it’s no wonder why most people are easily dissuaded from ever attempting to learn computer science, or only imagine it as the subtext of a virtual world. In reality, computer programming is more accessible than is dreamed, … Continue reading Why Learn to Code? →