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While Loop Example-Spell Letter Z

  We’re beginning to flesh out the details of more advanced Penjee coding challenges, ones that require loops. We are adapting a Jeroo assignment , that I wrote for my student coders, and  we are applying it to Penjee. The goal of this assignment is straightforward :  “Spell the letter Z’ by dropping Fish .  Kids … Continue reading While Loop Example-Spell Letter Z →

User Facing Manual Tester

We recently launched a stable version of, which we think is the best way for kids to learn python.  If you used penjee yet, you know that our site is very UI intensive, and as we continue to add new features, we want a tester to go through the site’s exercises to ensure that the … Continue reading User Facing Manual Tester →

Example of a Penjee Challenge

One of the main goals of Penjee is to make learning to program fun for kids,  The main way that we do this is by making each ‘assignment’ a challenge. Here’s a walk through of one of the first challenges a student must attempt. We call this one “Grab() 4 fish And Avoid Water”. Each … Continue reading Example of a Penjee Challenge →