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What is Pseudo Code ?

Pseucode is a way to express what your code should do, without using a particular language’s syntax. In our assignment,  To the water, for instance, pictured below: We provide the students with the following Pseudocode [crayon-66242bfa8fac2628039555/] As you can see, there is no Python syntax included in that snippet. Instead, we are expressing what the code … Continue reading What is Pseudo Code ? →

Troubleshooting Penjee. Common Student Errors

So, you tried to complete a Penjee challenge and you did not receive the message below:   Below are the most common reasons for this problem. Reason #1 : (Very rare, but frustrating) You are 100% sure your code  is correct but the assignment isn’t completing. Though this happens very  rarely, sometimes the web page does not load all of the … Continue reading Troubleshooting Penjee. Common Student Errors →

Teaching Debugging in Penjee

Introduction   Debugging is like tasting a dish while working on it. A chef may check the level of salt or test to see the temperature of a roast. Debugging is like this, in that it lets you inspect the program as it is running and enables you to check variables or see errors as … Continue reading Teaching Debugging in Penjee →