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Computer Programming Gifs–all of em’

Well, this isn’t all of our gifs, but it’s a smattering of them from each topic. You can always check out our top 5 programming gifs if you want a shorter version. 1)  While Loops More gifs on looping 2) Recursion Gifs   More Gifs on Recursion     3) Pass by value vs reference: … Continue reading Computer Programming Gifs–all of em’ →

Loop Animated Gifs in Python

Explaining loops to someone who has never programmed before can be quite challenging. In fact, one of the  main goals of Penjee is to decrease the friction students typically feel when they first learn to hand code. One of the primary lessons that students must try to wrap their heads around is –  “What is a … Continue reading Loop Animated Gifs in Python →

Reload Page

We  are trying  to track  down  a particularly difficult bug that , intermittently,  prevents   users from completing  an  assignment. In short, your code  might be  correct ,  but  the assignment  does not trigger as correct. We  are working on tracking this down, but until we patch this bug, there is   one way to … Continue reading Reload Page →