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Scratch 2.0 in 4 easy steps (animated gif)

  4 Steps in an animated Gif: Animated Gif showing how to create and run a simple Scratch program.   Step 1) Go the  Scratch home page/editor Step 2) Drag the block code from the left side and into the editor on the right.   Step 3) Make sure that you have some kind of … Continue reading Scratch 2.0 in 4 easy steps (animated gif) →

What is Block Based Coding?

Block Based Coding is the de facto way to teach kids introductory programming in the US. Instead of traditional , text based programming, block based coding involves dragging “blocks” of instructions. The most popular, by far, block based app is Scratch. As you can see in the pic, below, you drag peblocks of instructions on the … Continue reading What is Block Based Coding? →

Beginner Programming Projects

People learn to program for many reasons . Some have to satisfy a school requirement; others, want to pad their resume. Others…just want to learn how to make computers do stuff! So, what’s the best way to learn to program? It’s a tough question to answer but one thing that you’ll hear over and over … Continue reading Beginner Programming Projects →