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Pygame Add Image to Surface

So, you know how to make a simply pygame window, and now you want to do something a bit more interesting, aye? How do you  add an image to your pygame surface ? In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you exactly that. So that your finished product will look like is the following picture :     … Continue reading Pygame Add Image to Surface →

Jeroo Or assignment

In this assignment, use a single while loop . You don’t have to Start at 3,2 End at  3,18 use a single while loop use “or” Download map  

Super Simple Pygame Window

If you’ve already installed pygame, let’s create a super simple Pygame window, that, for now, does nothing! We explain the code in detail below. What you’ll see: Code [crayon-5cba527965935148224396/] This simply creates a window and that’s it. And otherwise just initialize pygame (line 3) , creates the simple window (line 8) and uses the classic pygame … Continue reading Super Simple Pygame Window →