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Introducing Teacher Classrooms

Teacher Classrooms – A way to monitor progress and leave feedback for students Part I. How to Create a Penjee Classroom and Invite Students In Part II, we show you how you can collaborate with your students.   Part II   Some things to keep in mind   You must make sure that you sign up … Continue reading Introducing Teacher Classrooms →

What is Pseudo Code ?

Pseucode is a way to express what your code should do, without using a particular language’s syntax. In our assignment,  To the water, for instance, pictured below: We provide the students with the following Pseudocode [crayon-5e852f4cbdd9b250114009/] As you can see, there is no Python syntax included in that snippet. Instead, we are expressing what the code … Continue reading What is Pseudo Code ? →

Troubleshooting Penjee. Common Student Errors

So, you tried to complete a Penjee challenge and you did not receive the message below:   Below are the most common reasons for this problem. Reason #1 : (Very rare, but frustrating) You are 100% sure your code  is correct but the assignment isn’t completing. Though this happens very  rarely, sometimes the web page does not load all of the … Continue reading Troubleshooting Penjee. Common Student Errors →