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Super Simple Pygame Window

If you’ve already installed pygame, let’s create a super simple Pygame window, that, for now, does nothing! We explain the code in detail below. What you’ll see: Code [crayon-5da549ddbe590525100977/] This simply creates a window and that’s it. And otherwise just initialize pygame (line 3) , creates the simple window (line 8) and uses the classic pygame … Continue reading Super Simple Pygame Window →

How to install pygame

Installing pygame can be tricky. The instructions here lead you through what you need to do.   Some pointers to reiterate: Pygame is very particular about the version of python. You need to have the same version of python that your pygame build  is targeted for.   The highlighted pygame build above is intended for python 2.5 32 … Continue reading How to install pygame →

Flowchart and Animation of while loop with if else

We are in the process of creating a unit on while loops with if/else (and soon if/elif/else) structures  in our latest python unit. The Goal is to start your penguin here : And to write a single loop to get to the fish, as shown in this animation     Or as a flow chart … Continue reading Flowchart and Animation of while loop with if else →